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I'm Alive.


THANKS for all of the prayers and well-wishes for my surgery.  After 10 years of severe acid reflux my days of taking Nexium (the little purple pill) are over.
Everything went well and I am now home, recovering in the loving arms of Lortab and season three of Gilmore Girls.

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Emily Foley said...

Thanks for the update, fun instagrams!

Erica said...

So glad to hear you're well into recovery! Wishing you a speedy one! :o)

Just Pam said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Mind the Dr. and the instructions so you can move forward and not back slide!

Loni and Russ Lamm said...

This is so off the subject of FHE BUT.... I need to talk to you about this brother suffers TERRIBLY with acid reflux...he is about to undergo a surgery that literally turns his stomach around to keep it from continually burning his esophagus. Dr's can't figure out what is causing it and he has been to the best in the nation. He is in the small minority that has it the worst when he is standing and not so much laying down. What surgery did you have? I know you don't know me but I am desperate to help him...
Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
you can email me

Barbie and Craig said...

I just found your blog and I am SO excited! Hope you're feeling better soon! THANK YOU!!!

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