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Sponsor Spotlight: THRIVE in the KITCHEN


My wonderful Sponsor for February is THRIVE IN THE KITCHEN.  We all know we need to have a food storage and be prepared for emergencies, but often feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start (me included!)

Planning how much food storage you need for your family is a daunting task. Shelf Reliance is here to take the stress out of getting your food storage supply and customizing it to fit your family's needs Whether you're starting from scratch or already have some existing food storage, we can help make sure you have the amount you need.

to learn and save:
to shop and plan:
to follow:

- Special Prices that are not available on the website can be ordered through Shelbi by calling:425.652.3008
- You can also e-mail your order and She will give you a call.
- Don't hesitate to call or e-mail with questions about the products or prices.
- Shelbi is here to help with all your Food Storage, Food Organization and Emergency Supply needs!
- Don't forget to follow her blog by e-mail to get the updates on specials, recipes and tips for your food storage.

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