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Freebie: Mormon Sidebar Buttons


- Choose the color you like.
- Highlight and copy and the code in the box below your chosen button.
- In blogger click on “Layout”.
- Click on the “Page Elements” tab.
- Click on “Add a Gadget”.
- Scroll until you find the “HTML” option and click the plus sign button.
- Type a title into the Title field.
- Paste code into box
- Click “Save”.

Note: Buttons take readers to MORMON.ORG

9 Way Righteous Comments:

ANN said...

Thank you! Um, can you tell me how to add things to a side bar? I can't figure it out.

Emilie said...

I updated the post Ann! Let me know if you need any more directions. Thanks!

jbr said...

I don't know if it's just me, but the button code is not working.

Henckel House said...

Already on my sidebar! So amazing!!!!! I chose gray. Thanks so much

Emilie said...

jbr said...
I don't know if it's just me, but the button code is not working.


Try it now. Is it working for you?

jbr said...

Working great now. Thanks!

deb-bot said...

Thank you so much. The red one even matches my blog layout perfectly!

Morgan Childs said...

These are adorable! I was just wondering... I just need the picture that says "Click here". I want to add a link myself, is there any way that I can just download the picture itself? Is it ok for me to just "save the image as"? I would be totally willing to credit your page on my blog if you'd like. Does that make sense Thank you!

Jenniflower said...

I LOVE this blog!! Thank you so much for sharing these awesome resources and for helping me finally learn how to get the buttons on my side bar!!

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