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Free Printable: You Are Not Forgotten


I was so inspired by the recent Relief Society Conference.
President Uchtdorf always inspires me and his talk was wonderful, as always.
I decided to offer up a free printable with a quote from his talk. 

CLICK HERE to download.
It is sized at 8x10". Enjoy!

If you missed this year's Relief Society General Meeting CLICK HERE to read, listen or watch online.

Oh, and when you watch the intro you WILL be impressed. 
LDS HQ is stepping up their multi-media transitions!

3 Way Righteous Comments:

*katie said...

Love this! I always love listening to President Uchtdorf and this talk was absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing :)

Dr. Mulder said...

I love you!!!!! SEriously we've been using your site for months now, and I think being pregnant, I wouldn't do anything for FHE if it weren't for you and your already put together lessons! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Ellis Family said...

I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts - it blesses so many. :)

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