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Additional Resources


There are some great resources our there for planning and carrying out your Family Home Evenings. I use these resources frequently, because we can all use as many tools as we can get!

Helps for Family Home Evening
Official page from the LDS website. Includes statements from General Authorities, Articles, Quick Tips and Charts. Also includes tips for FHE with adults, teens, small children and on creating lesson plas.

Friend Magazine archives.
The Friend magazine is a monthly magazine published by the LDS church specifically geared towards children ages 0-12 years. This has archives of activities, printables and lesson ideas as far back as January 2001.

LDS Children's Music
A great resource for printing sheet music and listening to the LDS children's song online with singers included or accompaniment only.

Sugar Doodle
A site with lesson, activity and idea help for children and teenagers. This site is being continually updated with new ideas and information and has an easily searchable database. It also has an area of free clip art with LDS and generic Christian themes.

Gospel Art Picture kit. Includes 160 pictures that depict scripture or Church history stories and illustrate gospel principles in action. The texts on the back of the pictures tell the stories or provide information about the pictures and usually give several scripture references for additional study.

I love this thing. It comes in a hard plastic case and is fully indexed and tabbed. They have made it so easy and it is well worth the $25 investment. Buy it here. Non-LDS families can purchase kits for just the Old and New Testament. It is also available online here so you can download and print only the pictures you want. The online version are free.

Extra set of FHE scriptures.
Searching for scriptures before FHE is always a time-sucker and frustrating. We bought a set of inexpensive, soft cover scriptures specifically for FHE and family study use and keep them in a basket by our other FHE resources. This also makes it able for little hands to hold and read from the scriptures without fear of damaging a nice set. A Bible, Book of Mormon and Triple Combination will cost you around $10, shipping included.

Magnetic board or flannel board for storyboard lessons.
You can choose which format you prefer. I choose magnetic board since it could easily be used on any standard chalkboard if you want to use these lessons for regular church lessons. Although flannel board is initially less expensive. You can purchase magnetic boards online or at WalMart and other office supply stores.

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