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Lesson Plans for 2010


Topics are tentative and subject to change in case of crazy week, personal crisis, or changes in circumstances. Although...I'm really gunna try and stick closely to this.

Topics in grey were not posted due to a computer crash.

Theme: Families
Song: Families Can Be Together Forever

Jan 04/wk 01: Our Heavenly Family
Jan 11/wk 02: Our Extended Family
Jan 18/wk 03: Our Family
Jan 25/wk 04: Our Ward Family

Theme: Love One Another
Song: Love One Another

Feb 01/wk 05: Showing love through service
Feb 08/wk 06: Showing love through words
Feb 15/wk 07: Showing love through gentleness
Feb 22/wk 08: Showing love through obedience

Theme: We believe in the Bible
Song: Tell me the Stories of Jesus

Mar 01/wk 09: Noah's Ark
Mar 08/wk 10: Queen Esther
Mar 15/wk 11: Ten Commandments
Mar 22/wk 12: Jesus Calms the Sea
Mar 29/wk 13: Jesus is Resurrected

Theme: Our Beautiful World
Song: The World is So Big

Apr 05/wk 14: Creation
Apr 12/wk 15: The Seasons
Apr 19/wk 16: Caring for the Earth
Apr 26/wk 17: Being kind to Animals

Theme: Principles and Ordinances of the Gospel
Song: Keep the Commandments

May 03/wk 18: Faith in Jesus Christ
May 10/wk 19: Repentance
May 17/wk 20: Baptism
May 24/wk 21: The Holy Ghost
May 30/wk 22: Feasting Upon the Word

Theme: We believe in the Book of Mormon
Song: Book of Mormon Stories

Jun 07/wk 23: Nephi’s Courage
Jun 14/wk 24: Lehi’s vision
Jun 21/wk 25: Ammon
Jun 28/wk 26: Jesus visits the Nephites

Theme: A World-Wide Family
Song: Jesus Loves the Little Children

Jul 05/wk 27: America
Jul 12/wk 28: Filipines
Jul 19/wk 29: Sweden
Jul 26/wk 30: Ireland

*(change these topics to suit countries important to your family. This could include land of ancestry, mission areas, etc.)

Theme: The Glory of God is Intelligence
Song: Teach Me to Walk in the Light

Aug 02/wk 31: God teaches His children
Aug 09/wk 32: Jesus taught the people
Aug 16/wk 33: We can learn at home
Aug 23/wk 34: We can learn at school
Aug 30/wk 35: We can teach others

Theme: Commandments
Song: I’m Trying to be Like Jesus

Sep 06/wk 36: The Sabbath Day
Sep 13/wk 37: The Word of Wisdom
Sep 20/wk 38: Honoring our Parents
Sep 27/wk 39: Our Bodies are Sacred

Theme: The Armor of God
Song: Dare to Do Right

Oct 04/wk 40: Prayer
Oct 11/wk 41: Reading Scriptures
Oct 18/wk 42: Being Honest
Oct 25/wk 43: Church Attendance

Theme: Thankfulness
Song: My Heavenly Father Loves Me

Nov 01/wk 44: Heavenly Father blesses us
Nov 08/wk 45: Paying Tithing
Nov 15/wk 46: Thanking Others
Nov 22/wk 47: Giving Back
Nov 29/wk 48: Reverence is Love

Theme: Christmas/Life of Christ
Song: Once Within a Lowly Stable

Dec 06/wk 49: Jesus Once was a Little Child
Dec 13/wk 50: Many Miracles
Dec 20/wk 51: Prophets Foretold It
Dec 27/wk 52: Our Family Year in Review

7 Way Righteous Comments:

the burnham gang said...

I found your blog this weekend and think it's amazing! This is an answer to prayer for me and has me really excited to use your lessons starting this week. I saw you had some lessons and songs missing because of a computer crash. I was curious if you would be redoing these and posting them or if you are doing something different next year?

melissa gargalis said...

I just saw this FHE for year thing, we are not great due to little kids, I almost feel like everyday is FHE sometimes at this age. So I missed out for 2010, but I'm totally going to try this for 2011! Thank you, thank you!

the girl said...

I love this place! I'm so glad I found your blog. There are so many good ideas, and I love the weekly lesson plan! Oh, FYI - I'm planning on "stealing" your ideas and plans. ;)

Emily said...

I just started using your sight this year. Thank you for all your hard work. Your website makes FHE stress free. Our goal for 2012 is to have consistent Family Home Evenings and because of this site, our goal can be achieved. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We are FINALLY having FHE I appreciate the work you have put into this and so willingly share! I am a single mom and try my hardest to raise my kids in a manner pleasing to the Lord. FHE is something my kids actually look forward to they love it so much! And I love it too! Thank You!

Jenniflower said...

I LOVE your blog! Thank you for sharing such simple and fun FHE lessons! My kids love them so far. We just started a few weeks ago with the lessons from 2010 and just love them! Thank you for helping our family hold regular FHE!

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