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My Kids + Conference


Me: Ella, what was one part of a Conference talk that you remember?

Ella: I don't remember very much, but I DO remember when they talked about Kelly Clarkson winning the Olympics.

Me: Ummmm....close, but not quite.

Receipes for General Conference


I loved reading your responses to this post where I asked about your family's General Conference FOOD traditions. As promised, here are some recipes that you shared so others can make food traditions with their family as well.

Submitted by Emilie Ahern

Submitted by NaDell Ransom

Submitted by Emily Foley

Recipe by Ree Drummond
Note: her icing has coffee in it, but you can use any old plain icing.

Submitted by Marissa

Submitted by Marissa

Recipe by Our Best Bites

Submitted by Peggy Olson
Casserole recipe from

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