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Cookies for Philly Temple Construction Workers


Just a fun post to share today.

I live in a Philadelphia suburb and so we are all SO excited for the current construction happening on a Philadelphia Temple.  Our closest Temple is the Washington DC Temple, which is a 2.5 hour drive each way.  We are lucky to have it near, but a 40 minute drive into Philly seems so much closer!  I just wanted to share something awesome that the Relief Society sisters in our area are doing as the Temple construction is under way.

The construction workers are asked to not smoke, swear, drink coffee, or eat on site. They exit from a gate at lunch each day and each Wednesday we are waiting for them. Wards from the area take turns and show up each Wednesday at lunch time to hand out home-baked cookies to the workers on their break.

This week was my Ward's turn and here's a photo of our awesome Relief Society sisters handing out cookies.

It's a small thing, but the workers love it and it's a simple way to brighten their day and hasten the work of the Temple building!  Here are a few snapshots of the work in progress.

LDS App for Kids: Verse By Verse


I have an iPhone, but besides the Church Library and LDS Tools app I hadn't really looked into any other LDS themed apps.  I have found a few really great ones recently and thought I would share.

A few months back I got a LDS app for our kids to try out. It is called VERSE BY VERSE.  It goes over one verse each day with supporting explanations. They have similar apps like this for adults, but I love this app because it's great for the entire family.  Let me take you through the app (these are screen shots from my iPhone).

Here's the opening screen: I'll go through each of this menu options below.

This feature displays your verse for the day. You'll notice the verse (or verses) are displayed with the scripture reference.  Then there is a cute graphic to help your kids remember the topic of the daily verse.  Below the graphic is a simple, easy-to-understand, explanation of the scripture.  And then, my favorite part, a simple question to get your family talking about the verse.  I feel this is SO important as why try to teach our children (and ourselves) to apply what we read to our own lives and to really think about what you are studying.

This feature lets your family review scriptures you studied in the recent past. This is great for a quick overview.

Just as you might suspect, this feature allows you to search by a given topic.  This is great because if your child is complaining (as mine are likely to do) you can search "Thankfulness" and choose that as your scripture for the day.  Yay!

This feature starts by displaying your current time and you can set the timer for any increment of minutes as your family studies.  The sound options are cute, but you can also choose to turn the sound off.

My kids (ages 9, 7, 3...I'm not counting the baby) responded well to this app. They liked the graphics and I really appreciated the simple breakdown of the verse concepts.  My favorite pat is the question at the end of the daily verse and I can see this being a great starter for families to have wonderful, meaningful, discussions within their homes about gospel principles.

This app costs $3.99 - I think it is well worth it for the features that you get.  It works well, has never crashed or frozen on my iPhone (Apple 5s) and is well designed and easy-to-use.

To buy the VERSE BY VERSE app click here.

I'll be sharing another favorite LDS app later this week!

Church “Because of Him” Easter Message Reaches Millions



A weeklong social media effort by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to share the Easter story and to give hope through Jesus Christ received worldwide attention. The initiative, titled “Because of Him,” included a YouTube video released in 20 languages. It was viewed more than 5.2 million times since it was posted on Palm Sunday, 13 April 2014. English, Spanish and Portuguese are the most popular versions of the video.

The video hit 1 million views on Wednesday, jumped to 2 million views on Thursday and climbed to more than 3 million views on Saturday. On Easter Sunday, the Church promoted two 30-second versions of the video in English and Spanish on the masthead of YouTube, which is visited by millions of people daily.

The video is described as “wonderful,” “powerful” and “inspiring” by YouTube viewers.

“I am not a Mormon, but the message is true! I´m a human being with my own sins, my own goods, my own hopes and despairs,” added another viewer.

“This video has an amazing Easter message that touched me profoundly! I'll watch it again and again,” said one of the commenters.
The Church has also received many positive comments including one from a member of the Church of England said it inspired him to go back to church.

The campaign focused on the hope, healing and salvation made possible because of Jesus Christ. It included daily memes with the #BecauseofHim hashtag, which was used on several of the Church’s official social media sites. The numbers prove its power: “Because of Him” content was displayed more than 100 million times on Facebook and other social media channels, and a link to was shared 250,000 times. “Because of Him” materials were also mentioned 24,800 times on Twitter, with an estimated audience exposure of 21 million. And the campaign was mentioned 42,000 times on Instagram.

Depictions of Christ’s New Testament ministry were featured on the memes, which include phrases such as “The world is filled with second chances,” “The grave has no victory” and “Death has no sting.”

Video and banner ads also appeared on hundreds of websites.
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